Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's Scarecow Time!

It seems to have become an annual competition in Maenaddwyn and Capel Coch in Anglesey. Scarecrows are springing up outside all sorts of properties. As we go this way from Penysarn to Llangefni it is a source of entertainment for us. I think it is an excellent thing that in a major recession people can take time off for such a fun thing. Last year I didn't take any photos, which is a pity because one scarecrow really stood out. He was created riding a bicycle with his arm out to signal a turn!
Only in a rural area such as Anglesey would this sort of thing happen. Just as Harvest is still seen as a local celebration, so we recognise our life in the countryside by having events like these. It is certainly one up on people who set up expensive lights outside their house each Christmas. The cost is less and the individual styles quite unique.
This year our summer really feels like summer and people are enjoying it. The sheep shearing is well under way, the hay bales are done and the whole countryside is bright and beautiful. It is almost five years since we moved to Anglesey in retirement and we have never regretted a single second! What a place to live!